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Wendy at her art show, 2005

Wendy Rose Blackshaw Humphrey

Artist's Statement

My intention when painting, sculpting or creating ceramics is to transform the art materials at hand into an image or form that expresses an elusive universal truth.  I take pleasure in the interplay of colour and texture in my quest to capture an emotion that will unconsciously communicate itself to the viewer.  I often try to portray the ephemeral or transitory quality of the natural world around me, attempting to capture that fleeting moment of beauty and joy before it disappears.  This may be evident in my landscapes and floral pieces as well as in my more abstract creations and sculpture.  The painterly surface of my ceramic pieces and the 3-dimensional textures of my paintings demonstrate the interaction and influence of these different media on each other and on my work as a whole.  Recently I have been experimenting with the concept of metamorphic growth or change.  This process began with painting a puzzle-like triptych depicting the organic metamorphosis of plant life cycles as well as a geometric or structural metamorphosis of the canvases on which it is painted.  This idea was further developed in my ceramics where I explored how geometric and organic forms interact and transform into each other.  Through these pieces I sought to find a balance between the concrete and the abstract, to find a way to visually and structurally combine my emotional creativity and my academic thinking.  Despite this intention, I am aware that each creation gains a life of its own when viewed by others and I encourage you to freely develop your own personal interpretation of what you see before you.